Twitter News

On November 22nd, 2017 Twitter suspended Friend or Follow's API credentials. I believe the issue to be rate limit related, but we've been unable to reach anyone at Twitter for further information.

Maybe I could get Friend or Follow for Twitter working again eventually; maybe a human will reach out to me after the holidays; maybe I could work my network to get some help; maybe I could slog through the automated form emails to some kind of resolution, but after 10 years of riding the Twitter wave, I'm wiped out.

I apologize to all of our Twitter users. You've been so kind and I can't express how much I appreciate your patience and patronage. Friend or Follow will continue supporting Tumblr and Pinterest and I hope we can serve your needs there. If you have a paid membership for Twitter and need help canceling, would like a refund, or just to vent, please email us at Please be patient with us as we get through the backlog of emails.


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