Hey @elannu!

We've got a new login system.

You may have heard Twitter has made changes to their API that require all API calls be authenticated. This means we've had to create a login system. But it's not all bad, the new login system provides much better privacy, and it also gives you the ability to manage multiple accounts from Friend or Follow, not just Twitter accounts, but Instagram and Tumblr accounts as well!

You can read more about Friend or Follow's changes on our blog.

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Wait! I'm a Gold member. How do I get in?

If you are veteran Friend or Follow Gold member, you already have an account on our new site, all you need to do to access your Gold account is set your password. To do that, just head over to the "Forgot Password" page, type in your email (be sure to use the email you signed up for Gold with), and we’ll send you instructions on how to set your password. Email us if you have any trouble.

I don't want to remember another login!

We know managing logins for multiple websites can be a hassle. To make it easier, we recommend using 1Password to manage all of your logins. It's a excellent piece of software. We use it and love it!

You'll also be glad to know that we encrypt your password so no one, not even us, can see it.