About Us

What is Friend or Follow?

Friend or Follow is designed to help you increase the signal to noise ratio of your social media network.

We help you curate and manage the people you follow on services like Pinterest and Tumblr by giving you the ability to quickly and easily sort, filter, follow, and unfollow your contacts. Get rid of the riff-raff in your social stream and fill it with quality contacts.

Who's behind Friend or Follow?

Friend or Follow is owned and operated by indie developer, and author of Twitter Application Development For Dummies, Dusty Reagan, doing business as Floating Head Studios.

Dusty created Friend or Follow in 2008 as a small project to figure out who wasn't following him and his friends back on Twitter. The service quickly blew up in popularity and has since gone through several iterations and has helped hundreds of thousands of people clean out their social media contacts.

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